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Various methods are available for making utility payments to the City of Smithville. Choose the one that is most convenient for you.
  • Pay Online
  • AutoPay
  • Pay by Mail at 107 W. Main St., Smithville MO 64089
  • Pay in Person M-F 8-5 at City Hall. A night drop box is available for after hours.
  • Pay by Phone at (816) 532-3897


Billing Cycle:
By ordinance, bills are in the mail by the 3rd of each month.  Their due date is always the 16th of the month.  Late fees are assessed on the 17th of the month.  By ordinance, shut off is the first business day following the 26th day of the month.  Reminder calls go out on the 17th, after late fees are posted, and a final reminder call is sent the business day prior to shut off.  We do not shut off on Friday - we push it to the following Monday if the date happens to fall on a Friday.

Past Due/Delinquent Accounts
If your utility account becomes delinquent, there will be additional fees and your water service may be disconnected at your expense. Delinquency occurs when a full payment is not made by the due date. It is important to understand the consequences and additional charges associated with delinquent accounts.Delinquent utility accounts are subject to disconnection of water services. If water or waste water (sewer) service has been disconnected because your utility account is delinquent, you must pay your full account balance in guaranteed funds.

Returned Payments
The payment will be reversed off of your account, and a returned payment fee will be included in your next bill. Multiple returned payments will result in payment restrictions that require future payments to be made by other secured methods such as credit card, certified check, money order, or cash.

Storm Water Fee
All Smithville sewer accounts not certified will be charged a storm water fee. Call 816-532-3897 to schedule your sump pump inspection.

View your bill and pay online!
In order to view your bill as soon as it posts and pay it online, you must register at  You will need an email address, phone number, your utility account number, and your most recent payment amount.  If you can't find your most recent bill for that information, feel free to call City Hall, and we will provide you with your account number and last payment total.  Once you're logged in, you can add, remove, and pay accounts from the "Manage Accounts" screen.
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