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Door To Door Peddling & Solicitation Requires a Permit
Posted on Friday May 20, 2016
Any peddlers, solicitor or door to door salesperson in the City of Smithville is required to have a permit....

Any peddlers, solicitors or door to door salespeople operating within the Smithville City Limits are required to have a permit with the City.

Peddlers, solicitors and sales people are PROHIBITED from leaving material (door-hangers, fliers etc.) without making contact with a resident.

Door to door peddling/solicitation is allowed between the hours of 8am and 7pm.  If any peddler/solicitor comes to your door before 8am or after 7pm, or without a permit,  please call 816-858-3521 (dispatch) and an officer will be sent to the area to locate the person in violation of the ordinance.

(Smithville Code – chapter 640)