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Backflow Prevention
Posted on Wednesday March 11, 2015
Backflow prevention devices MUST be tested and certified annually
In compliance with both the State of Missouri regulations (10 CSR 60-11.010), and the City of Smithville Code (Ch. 720 Public Utilities – cross connections), an annual operational test and certified inspection must be completed on all backflow prevention devices including: devices on fire protection, lawn irrigation, and other water lines connected to the City’s water system.

• Testing must be completed by a person who has been certified by the   Missouri Department of Natural Resources on commercial and residential containment backflow devices. To locate a certified tester, please consult the Yellow Pages under ‘Backflow Prevention’ or visit
• All Backflow Assembly Test Data and Maintenance Reports must be submitted on the MO 780-0804 form
• The completed MO 780-0804 form must be returned to the City of Smithville no later than June 1 of each year, regardless of the date of the last test. Submission of satisfactory report by this date will ensure your water service is not interrupted. The annual operational test and certified inspection will now be due to the City Smithville at this same time each year.

If the certified tester finds that test reveals the backflow device is not operating satisfactorily, it must be repaired and retested, and a satisfactory report filed with this office. Please send one copy of the Test Report to the Utilities Department, Attn: Backflow Prevention, 107 W. Main Street, Smithville, MO 64089 or fax to 816-532-3990. Please call our office at 816-532-3897 if you need assistance with this matter.

Backflow Prevention FAQ's