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Contact WCA concerning new trash/recycling services
Posted on Wednesday January 11, 2017
Contact WCA at 816-380-5595 with questions or concerns...
Contact WCA to opt out of recycling or to opt into yard waste collection.

Recycling and yard waste are included in the monthly cost.

 The Smithville Board of Aldermen have approved a contract with WCA for solid waste removal effective January 1, 2017.  The contract includes the collection of residential trash, recycling and yard waste*.  Residents can register with  WCA to opt out of recycling or to opt in to yard waste pick-up.  Registering will also provide WCA with contact information for any service issues.  The City regulates the collection of residential solid waste with  Ordinance 532 adopted in 1973.

Trash/Recycling Routes beginning January 1, 2017
Monday:  Lake Meadows, Diamond Crest, Harbor Lake, Tradewinds, Wildflower, Rollins Landing ( Monday map)
Tuesday:  Forest Oaks, N. Virginia, Tillman & Wise Roads, Liberty St., Lakeside Crossing, Old Smithville east of Commercial and South of the river ( Tuesday map)
Wednesday:  Woods Corner, 134th Street, Hills of Shannon, Barton Heights, Cedar Lakes, Lowman Rd. ( Wednesday map)
Thursday:  Emerald Ridge, Stonebridge, Commercial St., Downtown Smithville west of Commercial, Old town Smithville north of the river, Pope Lane, Hillcrest subdivision, KK Hwy, Cliff Dr. ( Thursday map)
Friday:  Harborview, Rock Creek, GreyHawke, Rocky Point, 180th St., N. Main St. ( Friday map)

  City wide trash route map- effective 1/1/2017

 What Will Change:

  • Residents will receive a 65-gallon container for trash
  • Residents will receive a second container for recycling, also 65-gallon capacity, (with a yellow lid) – residents can opt out of recycling
  • Yard waste will be picked up curbside – must be in compostable bags or bundled. Bundles cannot exceed 3 feet in length.
  • Containers will be collected/dumped with a remote arm from the truck
  • Containers must be set properly at the curb (wheels/handle away from curb)

    Trash and recycling carts must be separated by three (3) feet in distance or placed on opposite sides of the driveway.

  • Only what will fit inside the provided container will be collected – no additional “extra bags”
  • A second trash container can be provided – with an additional cost to the resident of $5.00 per month
  • Only 3 holidays will affect service – Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years
  • Cost of service will be $17.87 monthly (trash/recycling & yard waste included - residents must "opt-in" for yard waste)

  What Won’t Chance:

  • You will be billed as part of your Utility Bill with the City of Smithville
  • Trash/recycling must be curbside by 7AM

 What Might Change:

  • Your trash day (see maps above).

 A link to the WCA website for service issues or questions.


* Yard waste will be collected weekly from March 15 thru October 31, with modified collection from November 1 thru March 14.