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The 2020 Census is Important to Everyone
Posted on Tuesday February 11, 2020
Census information is used to allocate more than $675 billion in federal funding and is required by the U.S. Constitution

The 2020 Census is Just Around the Corner!

 Goal: to count every person in every county, city and state.


Why?   A census count is done every 10 years and is required by the US Constitution. The first census was in 1790.


How is Census information is used? Some of the ways are:

  • to determine the number of elected officials to the US House of Representatives

  • to allocate more than $675 billion in federal funding for:

    • social programs

    • transportation needs

    • senior services

    • housing assistance and rehabilitation loans

    • planning and implementing programs, services and emergency response

    • designing facilities for children, the elderly and the disabled

    • research grants

  • to enforce civil rights laws

  • to identify community needs and plan solutions

  • to ensure that all Americans are represented in our democracy and served by it

  • business growth/location

  • school district preparedness

How to participate:

Census forms will be mailed mid-March 2020.  There will be three options to submit your information - by mail, internet or phone.  Households that do not respond will have a census taker visit their home to get the information.  If the census taker is unable to contact the resident (with 6 attempts) they may gather information by proxy (asking a neighbor).

Mark Your Calendar: Important 2020 Census Dates

  • March 12-20: Initial invitations to respond online and by phone will be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. Areas that are less likely to respond online will receive a paper questionnaire along with the invitation to respond online or over the phone.
  • March 16-24: Reminder letters will be delivered.
  • March 26-April 3: Reminder postcards will be delivered to households that have not responded.
  • April 8-16: Reminder letters and paper questionnaires will be delivered to remaining households that have not responded.
  • April 20-27: Final reminder postcards will be delivered to households that have not yet responded before census takers follow up in person.
  • May 13-July 31: If a household does not respond to any of the invitations, a census taker will follow up in person.