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Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division of the Development Department is responsible for all aspects of inspection and enforcement of the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code, adopted by the Board with certain modifications, on January 15, 2013. This code requires certain minimum property and building maintenance standards, including the height of weeds, grass and other vegetation. The original, unmodified text of the International Property Maintenance Code can be viewed here:

The most common Code Violations

The Board of Aldermen included in the 2018 Budget, the first full-time Code Enforcement Inspector.  As a result, the Development Department now has a full-time employee dedicated to inspecting and working with property owners and tenants to ensure compliance with these codes.  In addition to common conditions of weeds and grass height, this department also evaluates compliance of the property (including the house or structure) to ensure it meets our property maintenance standards.  Other than weed complaints, common violations include peeling paint, cracked or dangerous sidewalks, trash and debris and abandoned or inoperable motor vehicles. 

Often, when a complaint is generated, it is the result of the lack of maintenance over a significant period of time.  It is our experience that when a complaint is generated, an inspection of the general neighborhood reveals several aspects of property maintenance/nuisance codes that are in violation.  When a complaint is generated for a particular address, our inspectors will also canvas the general neighborhood to assess whether there are significant numbers of other violations.  Depending upon the number and/or severity of the other violations, other property owners may also receive violation notices unrelated to the original complaint. 

Our experience is that property owners who receive notices of violation are aware of the issue, and our letter works as a reminder to complete those tasks for the benefit of the entire neighborhood.  In other cases, foreclosures, death or abandonment of property can quickly lead to an eyesore for a neighborhood, and can threaten not only property values, but the health and safety of its neighbors.  It is important for property owners to notify this department immediately when a code violation is suspected, so that the lack of maintenance does not continue.

If a violation of any of these requirements is suspected, you may report the violation online. An inspector will view the site to determine if a violation exists.