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City of Smithville
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Employment Opportunities

PD Change 2019

Our Mission Statement

"We will serve the community of Smithville with Honor, Integrity and Compassion".  These are our core values and we will not accept less in those we hire for our department. How can I become a more successful candidate?

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Minimum Qualifications

Must be at least 21 years of age at time of appointment

Possess a VALID Missouri Driver's License

High School Diploma/GED


Salary Range (PO1 $41,308-$46,300) (PO2 $46,321-$51,272)

Medical/Dental/Vision/Life Plans

Missouri Lagers L7 Pension Plan

Sick/Vacation Leave (4 hours accumulation each per pay period to start)

Holiday/Overtime Pay

12 hour shifts with every other weekend off

Uniforms and equipment provided (uniform dry-cleaning included)

GI Bill OJT Reimbursement for qualified applicants


Benefit Overview can be found here


The Hiring Process

Video Test

Physical Agility Course (obstacle course with disabled vehicle push)

Oral Board Interview

Personal History Statement/Background Investigation


Psychological Screening

Drug Screening

Automatic Disqualifiers

FALSE STATEMENT: False statement of material fact/deception/fraud. Any past history of false statements that will impair your ability to be a credible witness in a court of law.

FELONIES: No felony convictions.

PROTECTION ORDERS: Active Orders of Protection.

DRIVING RECORD: No DUI/DWI/Hit & Run within the past 3 years. Three or more chargeable or at fault accidents within the past 3 years. Driver’s license suspension or revocation within the past 3 years. No valid Driver’s License. No more than 3 Moving Violation convictions in the past 3 years (Police Officers).

PROBATION/PAROLE: Currently on probation, parole or diversion. (Inclusive of deferred adjudication). Pardoned for any reason other than being innocent.

NARCOTICS/CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE USAGE: Must be drug-free for a minimum of 3 complete years for all drugs except marijuana which is a minimum of 1 year prior to date of application.

SALE OF DRUGS: Sale of illegal drugs or sale of legal drugs without a license is a permanent disqualifier.

MILITARY DISCHARGE/CONDUCT: Discharge other than honorable (no conditions). Conviction/commission of court martial offense.

FAILURE TO COMPLETE: Failure to complete the Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) after being afforded the opportunity to do such – will be removed from process and must reapply.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CONVICTIONS: Any convictions for domestic violence.

NEPOTISM: The employment of family members is prohibited in the following situations: Two (2) members of an immediate family shall not be employed under the same supervisor; neither shall two (2) members of an immediate family be employed at the same time, regardless of the administrative department, if such employment will result in an employee supervising a member of the immediate family.

Potential Disqualifiers

FAILURE TO DISCLOSE INFORMATION: Failure to disclose information in the Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) or during the interview that you were afforded the opportunity to disclose and it is discovered in the Truth Verification Test or background investigation. Based on the disclosure may be allowed to reapply.

MISDEMEANORS: Convictions reduced from felony charges. Exception: When candidate received SIS (or equivalent) the information will be reviewed and investigated during a Truth Verification Test and background check.

NARCOTIC/CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE USAGE: Use of hallucinogenic substances occurring over 10 years from application date will be subject to review.

UNACCEPTABLE BACKGROUND: Work history, educational history, military service, general reputation, and interpersonal relationships.

WORK HISTORY: Suspension or termination from employment within one year. Eligible to reapply after one year from the date of termination or last date of suspension.

FINANCIAL: Pattern of behavior indicating poor financial decision making: bankruptcies, late payments, or refusal to pay debt.

Complete the application