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City of Smithville
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Mowing Tips

Due to recent regulatory classification changes for the City of Smithville with the Department of Natural Resources, the City is now strictly enforcing various ordinances in order to protect our water quality.  One of those ordinances involves the prohibition of grass clippings blown into the streets or directly into stormwater drains. In addition to protecting our streams, grass clippings left in the roadway are dangerous for motorcycle and bicycle traffic. City Ordinance 520.090 prohibits depositing any grass clippings into the street or sidewalk.

The picture to the left shows improper mowing grass into the city street.  The loose grass is a driving hazard for two wheeled vehicles and when it rains, this grass will travel down into the storm sewer system.  Once it breaks down, it eventually becomes sediment in our streams and rivers.

 grass in the street

blowing grass out of the street

The photo to the right shows one of the proper methods of keeping grass clippings out of the City streets and storm drains.

For more information on how to properly comply with city ordinances, see our mowing tips.